i really hate it when people are mean for no reason

but then it also makes you think, wow, they probably do have a reason and you just did something really stupid


today isnt any better than the last.. i thought id get over it but?? i think the end of soccer is kinda putting me in a rut because like physical activity helps blow off steam and now im just eating and doing nothing..

finals are almost here and im not studying, even though i know i should

im literally two letter grades away from getting a 4.0 again.. but i dont think that i can do it


i literally feel like i’m going to throw up

i haven’t been to my therapist in a few weeks and??? i feel really fucking weird

like nothing really bad right now is happened yet i feel anxious.. its freaking me out i feel like crying and i have no reason to be feeling this way. its stupid. really, really stupid.

whenever i try to talk to friends its just kinda feels like im annoying them„ too.. and its like wow i want to talk to them about this problem but then theyll think that THATS annoying.. ug ugh hg H

i hate this wow

this is a whining blog